The Vibropribor Factory was established in 1958 by a decree of the USSR Council of Ministers.

Over the past few years, more than five thousand people have worked here. By the late 1980s, the company had produced over fifty tools and products: oscillographs, galvanometers, precision magnetic recording devices, geophysical equipment, optical components, automatic fire extinguishers, and various consumer goods. He produced important series of products related to hydrology, metrology, spare parts production for nuclear power plants, and defense products.

Of the 39 types of products acquired on Vibropribor, 27 were awarded with the prestigious awards of the USSR National Economy Exhibition. In total, the company won 99 medals at prestigious All-Union forums. The gold medal of the Leipzig Fair was awarded to the famous oscilloscope oscilloscope. The plant was named “Exemplary Enterprise” of the USSR’s Ministry of Instruments, and was awarded the Order of the Honorary Badge.

The first product, which launched Vibropribor, was the POB-14 oscilloscope

It was a time when science and industry of the Soviet Union had an acute need for recording a wide range of lawsuits. Oscilloscopes with light beam were almost the only tool that solved this problem. Its action is based on the fact that it records the process stream with a thin light beam on a photo band that moves continuously during recording, and the light beam moves the light spot on the tape according to the recorded signal. After the photo paper appeared on it, the course of the process recorded as a result of lighting the paper with a light beam remained fixed. Oscilloscopes have been used in various fields: geophysics, warehouse prospecting and earthquake recording, engineering, when testing resistance and vibration resistant structures, in medicine to record vital signs of patients in aviation to record the parameters of flight, etc. In short, a very necessary device. That is why it was decided to build a special factory for the manufacture of the oscilloscope in Chisinau. And the name he chose the right one – “Vibropribor”.

For the 1970s and 1980s gross production volume increased 4 times. funds – 2.5, labor productivity – 2.8 times!

Products were exported to 22 countries. Participant in international exhibitions and fairs in the GDR, Great Britain, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Colombia and others. In 1978, at the Leipzig International Fair, the oscilloscope with light beam H043 received a gold medal. The best 75 workers awarded the USSR Order (1982); 1820 bikers, 17 batches, 10 brigades, 3 workshops and 2 divisions of communist labor. The Production Association received the “Badge of Honor” award (1981).

Other products of Vibropribor


Today the Vibropribor enterprise is part of the HORUS ENERGY HOLDING holding and is engaged in the production of parts, fasteners and equipment for power boilers, steam turbines, and generators.