Metal constructions

Vibropribor enterprise manufactures metal parts and objects of any complexity.

Regardless of size and complexity, each project is treated with maximum seriousness by the company’s staff in an attempt to get the final result – Customer Satisfaction. Modern production technologies, specialized design programs and Vibropribor specialists allow the manufacture of the most complex and qualitative products in the field of metallic garments.

Our company has created a favorable reputation through the numerous works done for its beneficiaries. This was a very special experience for us as well as for the communities for which we continue to work because nothing brings us more satisfaction than a well done thing.

We are aware that by using only the latest technologies, we can continually improve the efficiency of production processes. In the last years, it invests in the factory, in software and software applications, but also in the expansion of producer spaces.

No work, either in metal constructions, would be worth nothing without the passion and experience of the Vibropribor team. Regardless of the project we are working on, we will always dedicate our work to achieving the best results.

The field of metallic garments in general has experienced a profound development in the last years. The projects of metallic structures made by us respect the norms in force and lead to the low consumption of metal, implicitly to the reduction of the price.


  • Vast experience
  • Complete control
  • High Standards ISO
  • Capacity
  • Speed
  • Price / Quality ratio