Modernization of steam turbine PT-80/100-130/13.
The main tasks were to increase the throughput of the medium pressure part, to modernize the steam distribution system of the medium-low pressure cylinder, and also to normalize the system of thermal expansion.

Replacing of blades of steam turbine.

Replacing the blades of the 30th stage of the PT-80 / 100-130 / 13 turbine.

Thermal tests and diagnostics of electric generators.
Thermal tests and diagnostics of 120 MW electric generators produced by Electrosila plant as part of work to increase the capacity of Cogeneration Plant.
Inspection and testing of hydraulic units.
Survey and test of hydraulic units at the Ust-Kamenogorsk Hydroelectric Power Station.
Diagnosis of turbines PT-12.
Diagnostics of PT-12 turbines No. 1 and No. 3 in order to carry out further overhaul.
Design and construction of individual heat point.
Design, construction and commissioning of three steam boiler rooms and 13 heat points of the Republican Hospital, Cancer Institute and the Center for the Rehabilitation of Children. The project was funded by the World Bank in the amount of $ 5 million.
Overhaul of hot water boilers.
The overhaul of the boiler DKVR 6,5 / 13 No. 5 with the replacement of all pipes Ø51 * 3.0 of the side screen and convective beams due to physical wear. Recovery of a boiler room, brickwork and isolation of gas channels after boiler repair.
Design and replacement of pumping stations.
Design and replacement of 8 pumping stations (C-1250) at Cogeneration Plant in Chisinau, with a total value of $ 3.4 million.
Technical diagnosis of fuel oil facilities.
Diagnosis of the fuel oil facilities of CET NORD JSC in order to determine the preliminary situation and identify solutions for the subsequent provision of the enterprise with spare fuel.